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A Comic Twist on The Odyssey

A Comic Twist on The Odyssey

The RC Theatre Company members put on a performance of dazzling creativity and physical theatre in their unique and comic portrayal of The Odyssey on May 3 and 4 in the Suna Kıraç Theatre.

The cast included over 30 students and five teachers who played a variety of unique roles including shape-shifting statues and non-human objects such as Odysseus' ship, livestock, sea monsters and event the Cyclops.

The performance began with actors in togas playing statues in the foyer and Forum, shifting shape every minute as attendees sipped tea and ate pastries. The actors then came to life and walked to the stage, creating snapshots illustrating the Trojan War as a narrator's voice told the tale in a stuffy British accent. On the side of the stage L12 student Roza Mizrak openly created sound affects such as the wind, a storm and gurgling sounds.

In this version of the epic, Odysseus, played by Alp Gürgeç L10, could not resist the Sirens, instead breaking his bonds and jumping in the water to reach them. The crew members then selected a new Odysseus, and the part was taken over by Tan Nazlı L10.

The audience filled with laughter at the twists in the script, and lauded the outstanding performances by the cast.

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