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  • RC Theatre's Cuckoo’s Nest Gets New Twist

    This year's fall play was Dale Wasserman's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (adapted from the novel by Ken Kesey), a classic that portrays the interaction between patients and staff at an insane asylum.

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    JA Conference on Upcoming Industries

    Corporate leaders discussed industries that will be at the forefront in the coming 20 years at the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Conference.

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  • RC Volleyball Wins Cup at Aegean Athletic Tournament

    The RC Girls Volleyball team was the champion of this year's Aegean Athletic Tournament.

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    Senih Fikriğ Lecture Explores Developments in Nanomedicine

    ​This year’s Senih Fikriğ Science Lecture, titled "Nanomedicine: Small Solutions for Big Problems” was given by Dr. Amitav Sanyal and Dr. Rana Sanyal from Boğaziçi University, Chemistry Department.

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  • RC Celebrates World Philosophy Day

    RC celebrated World Philosophy Day with an event titled "Philosophy and Media", organized by the Philosophy Club.

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    Philosophy Bronze for L12 Student

    Emir Akdere L12 won a bronze medal at the Baltic Sea Philosophy Essay Event 2016 in November.

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  • Harvard Commends Student Writers

    Two students won the Annual GlobalWE Book Prize Contest for their essays addressing women's challenges in Turkey.

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    Anniversary of Istanbul Liberation Celebrated

    The Liberation of Istanbul was celebrated on Thursday, October 6 in the Faculty Parlor.

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  • Music on Mondays

    Music on Mondays is a performance platform for students and teachers to showcase their musical talents.

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    New Berker Fellows Announced

    This year’s Berker Fellowship students were announced at the flag ceremony on Friday, June 3, 2016.

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