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Spring Theatre Features Works from RC Community

Spring Theatre Features Works from RC Community

​The RC Theater Company recently performed a diverse selection of original plays written by students, teachers and graduates based on the concept 'super'. The plays, staged on May 4 and 5 in Suna Kıraç Theatre, were primarily directed by the students.

In "Subway Superhero", written by teacher Andy Laraia, a down-on-his luck chump decides to stand up (and fall) for his city. In 11th grader's Doruk Eliacik's dystopian "Cold Soup" (Jane Page honorable mention) discussion of literature is immoral and the majority of the society has received plastic surgery. Lise 10's Nazdar Ayzit blended literary characters and famous superheroes in the comic "The Sun May Shine in Hell". Teacher Jake Becker's "Renewal" imagines a society where couples must go in front of a judge on a televised game show to justify the renewal of their marriage license. RC 2016 grad Tayfun Gur's absurd "Self Portraits" played deftly with philosophy and puns. The Jane Page Award-winning play, "It's All a Metaphor" by Kaan Ertas, was a clever and insightful look at the cycle of acting and directing.

It was an inspiring night of theater, 100% of which came from the RC community.

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