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RC Takes Leading Roles at MUN Conferences

RC Takes Leading Roles at MUN Conferences

​​​​A team of 21 students attended the Harvard Model United Nations conference in Boston during the semester break. RC represented New Zealand, and had a seat on the Security Council. There were also an unprecedented seven students in special committees. Many students participated in Q&A sessions and managed to get resolutions passed, despite the brutal schedule and 1:00 a.m. crisis sessions.  Lise 11 students Emin Berker and Cansu Uyguroğlu received a Verbal Commendation for their work on the Security Council. Lise 10 students Mayra Albayrak and Asrın Sevinç also received a Verbal Commendation for their work on the Disarmament and International Security Committee, distinguishing themselves from over 150 other delegates. Can Yeşildere L11 had a special role as Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi.

While debates raged at Harvard in the US, across the Atlantic another group of 22 RC students were representing the United States in The Hague MUN. It was not an easy task representing America; as actual US policy changed on a daily basis that week, RC students had to quickly change or adapt their existing resolutions to reflect the new government's policies. The RC US delegates received a range of reactions and comments from delegates of other nations, but RC students took it in stride and had fun with it. All delegates were prepared, professional and impressive during their debates. Several students were main submitters and about half the resolutions were passed in the end. Lise 11 student Mehmed Can Olgaç chaired for the first time and did so with distinction. After successfully chairing last year, Kaan Ertas L12 was appointed Deputy Secretary General, and spent the week troubleshooting and making sure things went smoothly for over 3000 delegates and their Directors. This posting has only happened once before in RC's recent history.​


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