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Jane Page Award Honors Student Writers

Jane Page Award Honors Student Writers

Student writers were praised at the tenth annual Jane Page English Writing Competition ceremony held on April 26, 2018 in the Ibrahim Bodur Library. On hand to read the finalists' writing were the current English teacher of each prizewinner.

Short Story: The winning story, "Helios" by Lise 11 student Baran Bali, entices the reader with promises of a cheery world of eternal sunshine and jazz music on repeat, until suddenly you realize you're trapped in a horrific nightmare.

Poetry: Unprecedented in the Jane Page competition's history, the winner was also the winner of the Short Story category, Baran Bali, for his poem, "An Invitation to Fratricide." The judges found his collection of poems to be quite remarkable for their distinct, winning voice that wrestles with challenging themes in both subtle and bold ways.

Short Dramatic Script: Fulya Deniz Dal L12,, wrote this year's winning script for her original play, "Infraprepostmodern," was full of sharp self-awareness as reflected through the craft of filmmaking.

Established in 2009 by English teacher Maura Kelly, the Jane Page Writing Competition recognizes the top creative writers of the RC community.

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