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9th Annual Jane Page Writing Competition

9th Annual Jane Page Writing Competition

​The ninth annual Jane Page English Writing Competition Ceremony was held on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in the Ibrahim Bodur Library. The spring sun and wisteria scents created the perfect atmosphere in the main library hall as the winners were announced.

The writing competition recognizes the top creative writers of the RC community, and this year there were several Lise Prep students among the talents recognized ensuring a rich literary future for years to come. The highlight of the event was the traditional reading of the students' work by their English teachers.

2017 Jane Page Awards

Dramatic Script

First Prize – Kaan Ertas L12 – "It's All a Metaphor"
Honorable Mention – Mehmet Doruk Eliaçık L11 – "Cold Soup"


First Prize – Mehmet Tüfek L10 – "Hamburger"

Honorable Mention

  • Kerem Baran Bali L10 "Not Much"
  • Inci Anali L10 - "Dead Lake"
  • Gülbin Hazal Karaağaç L9 - "The Broken String of a Cello"

​Certificate of Distinction

  • Doğa Ayer LP
  • Ramazan Efe Doğruöz L10
  • Hüseyin Kerem Yanik L10
  • Ali Çataltepe L11
  • Özgür Kara Karabulut L12
  • Nisan Sele L12​

Short Story

First Prize - Kaan TarhanL12 - "Familia es Todo"​

Honorable Mention

  • Elif Naz Ervatan LP - "Saxophonist."
  • Elif Hamutcu L11 -  "Spring"
  • Aslı Doğa Munzur L12 - "The Third Punch" 
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