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8th Annual RC Film Festival

8th Annual RC Film Festival

​​​​​​Talented film students were honored at this year's RC Film Festival, held on Thursday, June 1 in Suna Kıraç Theatre. The ceremony started off with an entertaining and informative talk given by renowned director Alper Çağlar RC 98, emceed by Kerem Nakay L12 and teacher Greg Pinto. Çağlar shared his knowledge of the film industry and enthusiastically responded to questions from the audience with detailed answers. He also shared insights and advice on building a career in cinema with current film students.

The film awards ceremony followed, presented by RC 16 grads Oktay Şen, Selen Özcan, Alpay Doğrul, Sıla Göral and Sarp Kavalcioğlu, current Film & Lit teachers Reagan Light and Robin Carnegy, and editing technician Kenan Mustu.

The winners for each category were:
Best Acting: Rapport- Zeynep Deniz Atacan L12, Burak Can Havale L12 and Arca Özkan L12
Best Story: Silhouette-  Kerem Nakay L12 and Arda Yolgiden L12
Best Experimental Fılm: The Dream Synopsis- Gaye Aslan L12 and Baran Tanrıkulu L12
Best Editing: Turning Off the Sun- Şahin Demir L12 and Erce Erez L12
Best Cinematography: Nimbus-Tulya Bekişoğlu L12
Special Audience Award: Marble- Tibet Kaya L11, Zeynep Sabuncu L11 and Ece Seçen L11
Best Film: To the Moon-Irmak Numanoğlu L12

"This was the most successful RC Film Festival to date. The students are pushing the envelope further in terms of what the expectations are for a successful film at RC," said Film & Lit and festival organizer Jameson Vierling. 



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